Why Celebrities Make Use of Hair Extensions

Why most of the celebrities make use of extensions?

Whether you fancy for pastel shade or sport a mermaid-length hair or bob overnight, it’s never been easier to experiment with hair extensions.

On Instagram, some of us find it delightful to see things related to beauty, more when it comes to iconic celebrities especially when they post pictures of them bare-faced at the gym or videos of them changing up their hair. It is already given that some celebrities do rely on heavy makeup and extensions to change their style, and that should no longer be a surprise these days. Using extensions have become a trend nowadays especially on social media, more that celebrities are honest about using them to make them look like they do.

Why is it becoming the norm, especially in the fashion industry?

With most wanting to look unique, may it be for an event, travel, vlogging, and what have you, it all comes down to them trying something that’s different.

Though clip-in hair extensions are no longer new, especially to those who regularly make use of it, however, such extensions never gets old. For when you prefer longer hair but can’t wait for your hair to grow again, which may take much time, then such extensions are your option to getting more length instantly. And if you think your hair is just too fine and is thinning, just pieces of hair extensions can already give the fullness you desire.

Though hair extensions are costly, sure are worth it. Not only they provide you with a quick solution to your hairstyle needs but also boosts your self-confidence.

Hair extensions can also be customised depending on the provider or the preference of the buyer itself but are more expensive.

So how can you take care of clip-in extensions?

Know that such hair extensions are not meant for daily use and are only required to be washed periodically. Also, avoid sleeping in them.

Remember that with clip in extensions, put them on the same spot. Since clips create tension, don’t use them more than twice a week if you can because, after a while, the area where you put your clip-ins can become weak. Simply remove them by unsnapping the clips and then slide them out of your hair gently.


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