Why Buying Buying Too Expensive or Cheap Hair Extensions Is A Bad Idea

The market for hair extensions offers a wide range of products that you can choose from. It is indeed difficult to buy one of these brands as they claim to be the one with the best quality. However, their products will always differ in their range of prices. Is it advisable to purchase a cheaper or expensive weft hair extensions? Are the expensive ones even worth the investment?

Buying Too Cheap Hair Extensions

It is not advisable to buy very inexpensive products, especially weft hair extensions, as most of the brands that offer cheap hair extensions often have the lowest quality. You cannot expect to get superior quality products from these because some materials like synthetic or animal product are sometimes used as a substitute for human hair.

Cheap hair extensions usually are single drawn, which means it doesn’t add that much volume to your hair. You will also find short hair extensions, but the bottom part is not that thick like the upper part. These extensions usually look thinner compared to others, and you’ll have to frequently visit a hair expert to maintain it. Ultimately, these cheap hair extensions do not last long.

Buying Too Expensive Hair Extensions

Unlike the cheap hair extension products, buying expensive can be worth the investment if you are a smart buyer and you already have your desired budget. Expensive products don’t always guarantee high-quality hair extensions, as there are also products with average prices that have similar qualities. Moreover, expensive products are often superior compared to cheap products, as most of them provide the best quality in the market. In fact, these products will always last longer compared to the cheaper ones.

However, big and expensive brands don’t always mean better products. And cheaper ones don’t necessarily equate to low quality. Usually, hair extensions are expensive because of the high cost of production, and the cheaper products often use substitutes that are nearly the same as the original ones. But as a smart buyer, you’ll need to consider these factors when buying weft hair extensions to avoid regrets.


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