Tips For A Great Wedding Trial

It’s the week before your trial and you have been so busy at work, and of course you spend hours looking at your sparkling engagement ring and you suddenly realise…ohhhhahh, I haven’t looked for picture inspiration for my Wedding makeup and hairstyle look!

So here are some quick tips to help you choose a look:

  • Choose looks with similar hair colour and hair texture to you.
  • Choose looks with with similar hair length, fringe etc as you.
  • Choose makeup looks with similar skin tone, eye colour and eye shapes to you.
  • Consider the weather on the day of your Wedding, if it’s really hot weather, you may choose an up hair do.
  • Do you have to keep your hair long, well not really, you could always choose an amazing hair accessory., flowers, fascinator or hair jewel.

Bring your hairpieces if you have some or you could hire some from us if needed to create more volume or length in your hair.


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