The Point of Hair Caring – The Do’s and Don’ts

Well begun is half done, for the common hair issues we met, we need to know how they happened firstly! There are three common hair issues: hair tangling, hair shedding, hair drying. And the fact is that hair shedding is caused by hair tangling in most cases, and hair tangling is usually caused by hair drying! So we got the point now: hair drying! First of all, let me sum up the reasons which may make hair dry!

Reason 1

For real human hair extensions all know that they have lost their nutrition source after being cut down and easy to get dry!

Reason 2

Doing too much hair styles makes hair dry easily, like making curls then straightening over and over, which is very harmful to the Human Hair Extensions. Hair elasticity can not be restored if we over restyled it, especially after they have been cut down and lost nutritious!

Reason 3

Too much chemical hair products are harmful to hair as well, especially for ombre hair,  there is no doubt that we can dye our hair, but we really need to control the quantity and frequency.

What we should not do:
  • Do not restyle hair too much
  • Do not use too much chemical products
  • Do not use too high temperature
  • Do not blow hair too much
  • Do not use cold water when washing and spraying
What we should do:
  • Use the correct bomb and comb gently 
  • Wash hair twice a week if use frequently
  • Spray and comb it slightly once hair gets messed
  • Put some oil and mousse to keep hair wet and standing
  • Do a little pieces test before colouring it

That is all about common hair care, please have more patience on full lace wig and blonde wigs, and just treat the hair like your owns. It will be very easy to use them for a long time!!

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