5 Helpful Tips In Choosing The Right Hair Extensions

Our hair is the reflection of our identity, it’s what makes us look good and feel confident in public. We can’t argue that the hair is the most valuable asset of a woman. We all know how women take care of their hair; a bad hair will also be a bad day for them. For most women, a long, thick and shiny hair is what they dreamed of.

Some do experience bad haircuts in a salon and sadly, some are naturally not gifted. For those who don’t have these, Hair Extensions is made to solve these irritating hair problems. These tips will help you choose the right hair extensions for your hair:

Choose your Desired Hair Type

When trying to choose what hair extension should be used, a woman should consider what type of hair will be the best for their hair. There are two different types of hair extensions, a synthetic and human type. Synthetic extensions are made of plastic/keratin which is close the same to a natural hair. This extension is ready to use and best for any weather because it will not droop and frizz. But this synthetic extension lacks versatility, it can’t be styled and also the style and colour are permanent.

While human extensions came from a real human hair. These hair extensions gives you the best natural look for your hair, unlike synthetic, it can be styled like straightening, curling and you can even change its colour. Human extensions last longer than synthetic because it’s naturally from a human.

Ideal Hair Colour

Colour provides life to human hair; it gives meaning and the best emotion for us. It is important to choose the perfect colour for your hair to look good and lively. Hair colour adds depth and tone to your hair which makes women look beautiful.

Most people are having a hard time in choosing the right colour and end up picking the wrong one. 

Right Hair Length

Not all length of the hair extension suits the user. Sometimes it’s important to check first your ideal length before using it. You have to consider what you look when putting it. The user should be aware of what will be the result, does it make them comfortable? Do they look great with long hair extensions? It is also good to ask suggestions from your friends or family. They can help you choose the right length that fits your hair.

Perfect Texture

The most important part of choosing hair extensions is picking the right texture. It is vital to make sure that the extension is perfectly blending into your hair. Examine your hair carefully before buying any of it.

Touching your hair and comparing its texture is an effective way. If you have a straight hair, don’t buy and use curly hair extensions. It’s all about matching and selecting extension that suits your hair.

Consider Benefits

There are two common ways in putting extensions to hair, the clip in and fusion. Clip in hair extensions is hair attached to a clip that will give you temporary use of the extension. This extension is good when you want it to use for a short period of time and cheaper than other hair extensions.

While the fusion method is the way of bonding the extension to the hair with the use of adhesives. Adhesives like glue are heated and hair extensions will be attached to your hair. This way lasts the longer than other extensions, but it is more expensive. This method can be damaging to your natural hair because it uses heat to bond it to the hair.

These steps are great choices for you depending on your budget, time, and needs. However, it also depends on how you take care of it. With proper care with your hair extensions, you can use it efficiently and will make your hair look fabulous.


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