COVID Safe Plan

Important Information regarding COVID-19 (coronavirus)

Simply Bella Beauty has always regarded your health, safety and wellbeing as one of our main priorities. We are proud of our record in maintaining the highest standards in hygiene, sanitation and allergy awareness.

COVID-19 coronavirus has no doubt posed significant challenges and disruptions to our everyday lives, this is especially true for services like ours that require close contact with our clients.

For us to uphold our commitment to prioritising your health, safety and wellbeing, Simply Bella Beauty will be implementing significantly stricter hygiene and sanitation practices as outlined below.

These protocols are based current advice levels and recommendations from both state and federal governments and health authorities.

COVID Safe Plan
  • We have enhanced our sterilisation / disinfection processes by utilising SURGICAL GRADE antiseptic

  • Your stylist will have throughly sanitised their hands using surgical grade antiseptic prior to your makeup application / hair styling.

  • Stylists will be wearing masks.

  • Disposable gloves will be changed & a new pair used for each client.

  • Your stylist will have throughly sanitised all brushes and makeup supplies that will be used for your appointment with surgical grade antiseptic.

  • Clients can request the use of their own makeup and makeup equipment for their appointment. (Please advise us in advance. )

  • If you are unwell, please let us know in advance so we can credit your booking.

  • Our allergy consent form will also be kept for tracking of contact.

  • We need to maintain 4 square metres per person strictly on the day.

  • A large area will need to be allocated for hair and makeup.

  • Food and drinks will need to be set up and consumed in another room.

  • For hotel preparation, two rooms may need to be booked- one for the hairstylist and one for the makeup artist.

  • Only the one person who is getting their hair or makeup done can be within the hair and makeup space at any one time.

  • Only the artist can touch products and equipment at the hair and makeup station.

  • The artist and each client will need to thoroughly wash their hands for 20 seconds with soap then rinse before getting into the makeup chair. The artist will also do this between each client.

  • Talking in the makeup chair will need to be kept to a minimum to reduce the spread of droplets with the face mask is to be worn at all times except when doing lips and lower face.

  • Clients must not place personal items (phone, keys and coffee/tea cups or food) in the designated hair and makeup area.

  • 10 minutes will be taken between each client to sanitise the work bench with disinfectant, remove and place used brushes into a labelled bag and set up with cleaned tools and clean brushes for the next client.

  • Artists & Talents must have access to running water.

  • Disposables will always be used when needed and products will be decanted from their original packaging accordingly.

  • DO NOT BOOK If you have cold or flu like symptoms, such as a cough, fever, sore throat, shortness of breath or runny nose, even if these are mild, you should get tested for COVID-19 as soon as possible. People with mild symptoms can still spread the virus. To help stop the spread of COVID-19, anyone with cold or flu-like symptoms should get tested.
    Please notify us immediately to cancel your booking.

  • We have a right to refuse services if you are unwell on the day.

Booking terms & conditions/cancellations due to COVID

Given the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 outbreak and in the interests of prioritising the health, safety and wellbeing for our clients and our stylists, the following amendments to our booking terms & conditions section: 20 will apply for the duration of the COVID-19 outbreak.

We believe that being transparent as possible during these times is paramount in keeping everyone safe and healthy.

With the situation regarding COVID-19 outbreak continually evolving, we will continue to monitor developments on a daily basis and will endeavour to provide updates to our business operations as the situation changes.

For any agreed services between Simply Bella Beauty and the client that are unable to be performed due to external factors caused by the COVID-19 outbreak (enforced quarantine measures, supply chain issues, restricted movements), Simply Bella Beauty affords the client the right to;

  1. Reschedule their booking to a date and time where the impact of COVID-19 to health, safety and wellbeing is negligible.

  2. Use the cost of their booking as credit for any other service that Simply Bella Beauty offers. 

  3. If you have chosen to cancel your booking and have paid a deposit/booking fee this amount is non-refundable but can remain as a credit towards a future appointment.

  4. If your Wedding is postponed we will hold your non-refundable Booking Fee/Deposit and transfer it to your new date.

Concerns and Inquiries

Please feel free to reach out to us via our contact us page. All the best from the team at Simply Bella Beauty.

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